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Crisis management, crisis simulations, strategies and and social media experts from The Drill can help your organisation avoid its next crisis.

crisis communication services

Effective crisis management needs good preparation PLUS heaps of imagination. Any company's business continuity, communications and risk management execs need to have, share and know the same plan. We can offer you crisis document, manpower and rehearsal backup.


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crisis simulations

Today's crisis environment has changed completely. Almost every 'incident' has a reputation dynamic thanks to citizen/media connectedness. And because crisis scenarios usually play out online, that's where we conduct our crisis training courses.

strategy development

Perhaps the biggest mistake crisis novices make, is to fail to have a desired outcome in mind when crisis hits the organisation. The Drill technology helps you question, assess and document where you are and where you need to be in any given crisis scenario; that's simply strategic. Talk to us for more information about developing your crisis strategy.

instant crisis support

When crises descend on any organisation, you must be able to activate a team of experienced crisis advisers who can hit the deck running and support your crisis response team when trans-media and stakeholder pressures call for added troops. Get instant crisis support from The Drill.

Crisis Training Online

Once logged in, you and your team will enter a passworded, trans-media environment where you learn via replicated immersion. As a senior Comms manager for a global chemical company remarked recently; "It's the closest thing to a real crisis you can get". And that's the aim of our social media crisis training - to let you fight a crisis, without losing your job or status.

Crisis Planning

Too many crisis evaluations show that companies' response plans lacked firm direction and, instead, were confused and diffused. Drawing on our advisers' real-life experience, we have critical insights to help businesses and brands build crisis response strategies which effectively respond to the needs of all stakeholder groups affected. Find out more.

Crisis Management Consultants 

With our front-line experience, you can rely on our team to bolster your incident, media or reputation room capabilities. More than just another pair of hands, Drill crisis management consultants offer a fresh set of eyes and often a new way of thinking about the crisis predicament and challenges including social media crisis management, SEO, crisis content (including audio, video and graphic assets).

Crisis media training

Drill founder and principal adviser Gerry McCusker is on record stating that 'Media Training Is Dead'. Yet he also insists media management and performance has never been so critical! When your Execs or Comms Leaders need media training, we ensure it's done holistically and cognisant of the wider crisis narrative context. Find out more about Crisis Media Training.

teaching and mentoring

Most modern communications practitioners have a solid range of skills. But with the media landscape changing so quickly it's invaluable to help your key staff stay atop of world-class practices and processes. Several progressive organisations are now appointing 'practice coaches' who regularly meet and brief company staff on cutting-edge skills and techniques. We can help teach and mentor your organisation through a crisis.

cRISIS Content creation

Seven years ago, we stopped advising clients to only use written holding statements as a crisis comms default: Instead, we started helping them produce their own video and news content. From animated graphics to moving slideshows and technical explainer videos, we've seen better understanding of clients' positions from AV content rather than text-driven updates. Talk to us to find out more how we can help you with crisis content creation.

Crisis Exercises

Yes, there will be lights, camera, difficult questions and action but there will also be parallel social media publishing workshops. This helps ensure your media messages secure notice and traction rather than being cut and pasted at the mercy of all manner of hostile stakeholders. Our media training and crisis exercises helps you best influence the crisis narrative.

Crisis Management Experts

With proven expertise in strategic, crisis and creative comms, Drill personnel are able to teach and mentor your staff to ensure their skills are up-to-scratch. Topic specialisations include, naturally, crisis communication, SEO-optimisation, newsroom development, content creation and media management. Let us help avert any future crisis.

Crisis Communication Publishing

Our writers, editors and producers help craft video assets. We can handle all stages of content production from aims to creative concepts, draft script, soundtrack sourcing, final editing then rendering and uploading to the optimal channels for stakeholder access. Ask to see our videos or for client testimonials now.