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The accent on reputation

The Drill’s crisis communications experts make news headlines: When crises break, media journalists and producers often ask Drill experts - crisis management consultants - to offer their insights and observations to help boost understanding of the crisis communication issues at play.

Drawing on years of crisis management expertise, our staff talk about crisis fixes and crisis solutions to help businesses overcome their PR and operational problems. You may even get crisis ready just by reading some of the articles below, where we discuss our proprietary approaches and methodologies for solving crisis control issues. The articles do not constitute specific advice or counsel, but we believe their principles to be, without guarantee, thought-provoking!

We hope you enjoy the read.

Get Crisis Ready and Crisis Prepared

It's a fast-paced, agenda-driven and ever-shifting media landscape we all operate in. 

Recognising the interconnectivity of crisis media channels and reports is essential if you want to run crisis simulations that show people how to handle crisis communications challenges. 

For e.g. a radio station may publish links to an upcoming or recent expose report via Twitter or Facebook. Or, a TV channel will have an online news clip uploaded to its Instagram page. 

Media training can no longer be done in isolation - crisis management training must combine media skills training, with social media crisis training.


Our crisis simulations show how social and search have become more credible delivery channels than old media. Doesn’t it make sense to discover how your business can undertake crisis planning and simulation exercises that really reflect the modern media system?

The Drill crisis simulator runs crisis workshops that allow you to interact and publish with real-time crisis injects - and that includes traditional media PLUS all key social media channels.

Our crisis simulation exercises show you how media training should now be embedded across the business using a trans-media crisis simulation environment; it better reflects the new challenges of responding to, influencing and managing the crisis narrative.


Plus, as people remember around 90% of what they experience and do, our crisis simulation software deploys immersive learning to deliver greater benefits to your business. 

If you’re not running your annual crisis workshop with an interactive crisis simulator, you’re just not ready to handle a modern PR disaster.

Gerard McCusker