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Gerry McCusker - Managing Director

The driving force behind our software is crisis communications management expert, Gerry McCusker who literally wrote the book on 'PR Disasters'. Gerry is an issues management and online reputation expert with over 33 years of frontline reputation management experience. Our other trainers are corporate, journalism, PR and reputation savvy.

Consultancy Principal, Gerry McCusker has run crisis training courses across Australasia.
His 'PR Disasters' book and blog fast became mandatory reading for crisis management practitioners, PR consultants and teachers PLUS students of the reputation management game.

Gerry is, perhaps, Australia's longest-established and best-regarded ORM and reputation adviser, as well as the founder of our trans-media crisis training and simulation technology, The Drill. 

With clients in the Construction, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Media plus Oil and Gas sectors, Gerry has also published reputation leadership articles and insights with ABC Radio, AFR, B&T, IPRA and Mumbrella. 

He's a big fan of football (as it's known throughout the world) and two-wheeled transportation.


George Noon - Senior Associate

Formerly a Fortune 300 CCO, George Noon is a Communications Management specialist with both consultancy and in-house roles thereby possessing truly global exposure and expertise. George's crisis training certification was won in the frontline of managing international issues and crisis events.

Having operated out of London and Pennsylvania, George's international crisis and issues experience spans: 
Anti-competitive practices, environmental impacts, fatalities, industrial operations, and shareholder activism, ascending to national-government level issues and incidents. 

Currently, George resides in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and young son.


Cem Meric - Chief Technical Officer

Our experienced CTO and web guru, Cem has a strong history of working as a designer and developer in the internet industry. 

His design and development credentials deliver effective solutions to businesses, not for profit, government and non-government agencies such as building, 
health, medical and travel sectors.

Currently, Cem's on a conscious path of personal development which explores better interpersonal communication and deep meditation.

Ben Bailey - Portal Development

Every team needs a web gun, and Ben is our designer/developer, content manager, and web-standards, usability and accessibility advocate. With over 15 years web design and development expertise covering the Arts, Education, Government, Health and Telecoms sectors, Ben's philosophy is precise and professional; he's all about design that is simple, clean and effective.

Because our clients will access our website via watches, phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, our portal should also be flexible, usable, accessible and beautiful. Ben's design watchwords are  accessibility, usability and simplicity and he commonly writes his own hand-coded HTML5 & CSS3 and ensures his work complies with W3C standards.

As a committed national and international traveller, we're delighted to have Ben along on our journey.


Karan Kapoor

Karan Kapoor - Creative Officer

Our favourite actor, event MC and media content star Karan (aka Kuz) has a unique ability to entertain crowds large and small with just a microphone. With good multi-lingual abilities, Karan regularly features as our serious media anchor and newsreader, fearless on-location reporter or vituperative video v-logger. As a working media professional, Karan is committed to creating memorable experiences for our audiences. 



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